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A range of beer styles

At The Beer Shack in Clitheroe, we serve a range of exciting and innovative beer styles, from IPAs to stouts to sours. Visit us today to sample our selection and enjoy the very best beers to be found in the local area.

This is the best place to see our current range as this menu is linked to UnTappd and updates as we receive deliveries or sell out.

Belgian Beers

Our carefully sourced Belgian beer selection showcases a huge range of classics from this giant of the brewing world. From amber ales to lambic beers, Flemish red ales to stouts, our menu includes some of the Belgian beer world’s finest names.

Drop in today and ask our staff for advice to help you find a Belgian beer you’ll love.

The Forgotten Cask

In a dusty pub cellar, a forgotten cask of real ale lay undisturbed for years. Curiosity piqued, the bartender tapped it.

As the golden elixir flowed, whispers of oak and hints of fruity esters delighted patrons’ palates.

The lost cask became a legendary find, reviving the pub’s reputation overnight.

A Sudsy Love Affair

Sarah, an avid beer enthusiast, joined a real ale tasting event. Among the crowd, she locked eyes with Mark, equally smitten.

They bonded over shared pints, discussing flavour profiles and brewing techniques.

Their passion fermented, leading to a love story drenched in the frothy goodness of their favourite beverage.

The Ale Trail

Friends embarked on an epic ale trail, exploring renowned breweries across the country.

From quaint microbreweries to historic alehouses, they immersed themselves in the vibrant beer culture.

Each pint brought laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories.

The trail’s end marked not just a journey completed but a bond strengthened by their shared love for real ale.

The Hop Whisperer

Samuel possessed an uncanny ability to coax out hop flavours. He experimented tirelessly, pushing the boundaries of brewing.

A sip of his IPA revealed an explosion of citrus and pine. Craft beer enthusiasts marvelled at his talent, dubbing him “The Hop Whisperer.” His brews became legends in the beer world.

The Hops Rebellion

In a small village, the hops grew tired of their supporting roles.

They conspired to overthrow the malt dominance. Led by Cascade, they formed a hop-forward revolution. Their rebellious beers unleashed fruity, tropical storms.

The village celebrated the liberation, forever grateful to the bold hops that dared to defy tradition.

Draft Beers

We offer a small range of core draft beers which will always be available, alongside a variety of taps reserved for guest beers so we can explore new beers from craft breweries across the UK and around the world. We serve our beers in Pint,

1/2 Pint, 1/3 Pint & 2/3-pint measures.

Can’t decide which beer to try? Why not give one of our tasting flights a go 3 x 1/3 of our draft beers.

Craft Cans

We offer an ever-changing menu of craft beer cans from local breweries and renowned names from around the world — with beers in every style, from double and triple IPAs to saisons, porters, brown ales and much more.

Check our current menu to see the selection. All beers are available to enjoy in the bar or to take away.

The Hop Harvest

As autumn kissed the land, farmers embarked on their annual hop harvest.

With nimble hands, they plucked the fragrant cones, readying them for brewing. The brewery buzzed with excitement.

Fresh hop ales burst with botanical aromas, their robust flavours paying homage to the hardworking farmers and their cherished crop.

A Bittersweet Brew

John, a seasoned brewer, toiled to perfect his real ale recipe. The caramel malt danced with earthy hops, creating a bittersweet symphony.

He poured the first pint, his heart swelled with pride. Sipping it, he smiled. The craft beer community embraced his creation, making his dreams overflow like frothy foam.

The Ale Connoisseur

Jonathan, a self-proclaimed ale connoisseur, embarked on a quest for the finest real ale. He travelled the countryside, seeking hidden gems.

In remote villages, he discovered rustic breweries crafting divine brews. Each sip unveiled a unique story, as he marveled at the vast tapestry of flavors, forever chasing ale perfection.

The Last Drop

At a beer festival, a rare cask stood tall, its contents dwindling. Crowds gathered, eager to taste the legendary brew. With each pint poured, anticipation grew.

Finally, the last drop splashed into a glass. The lucky recipient savoured its richness, knowing they had experienced a fleeting moment of brewing brilliance.

The Brewmaster's Legacy

Inheriting his family’s brewery, David faced a daunting task. Determined, he embraced tradition while adding his touch.

Each pint paid homage to his ancestors’ craftsmanship. Years later, when he passed the baton, a new generation celebrated his legacy.

The brewery thrived, an enduring testament to David’s passion and dedication.